Energy Saving Tips

Here at MD Electrics, we are always looking for ways that can help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce our bills. We have a few simple tips and also a range of items that we can install for you. If you have any questions about energy efficiency, please give us a call.

• Leaving appliances on standby wastes around £40 a year.

• Use only energy efficient appliances (A+, A++ or AAA).

• When boiling a kettle only boil what is required rather than a full kettle.

• Draught proofing can reduce your heating bills.

• If you turn your central heating thermostat down by 1°C, it could save up to 10% on your heating bills.

• Place heat reflectors behind radiators to reduce heat lost by reflecting the heat back into the room.

Some energy saving ideas that we can help with

Install an energy monitoring device. These are really simple and an easy way to see how much energy you are consuming daily.

Upgrade your boiler. If you were to replace your old inefficient boiler with an energy efficient A-rated boiler you could save you up to £200 per year.

Install loft insulation. By putting insulation in your loft you could save up to £90 a year.

Rain water harvesting. By collecting rainwater in either above ground or below ground systems we can use this water for washing machines, toilets, garden etc. Only 50% of our water needs to be of drinking water quality. A massive 33% is used for flushing toilets.

Install a voltage optimiser. This can save around 10% to 20% off your electricity bills. It’s a simple solution and easy to install by a competent electrician.

Install a water saver in your toilet cistern. This can save up to 3 litres of water every time you flush the toilet.

Replace old incandescent lamps with energy saving lamps will use 80% less electricity.


Save Up To 17%*
On Your Electricity Bills


With electricity prices rising at an alarming rate, now is the time to consider installing
a Voltage Optimiser







• Reduce energy usage
• Reduce your carbon footprint
• Increase the life of your appliances


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